Self Care is Not Selfish…

I want you to say this with me. “Self Care is NOT Selfish”. Louder, so the back can hear you as well. Too many people, especially mom’s, think that taking time for themselves is a selfish thing to do. From a person who had massive burn out, stress, and then 2 severe strokes on top of one another, I’m going to tell you that you’re wrong. It’s so very necessary, for your Mental Health, wellbeing & physical health. Nothing will be more devastating to your family as your suddenly falling sick, or being taken from them in an instant.

Self Care can mean various things to various people. A nice massage, solo trip to the gym, mani/pedi, girls or guys weekend away or a pamper day for yourself. It depends on how you’d like to treat yourself, and where your interests lie. Especially right now, during this pandemic, a “me day” of any type is very necessary for all of us.

Today, I’m going to delve further into a home pamper day, and your very own self care kit, with everything YOU want in it (with me own personal recommendations from what I have).

What is a self care

This is whatever you want in yours to give you a nice, relaxing day. When you have everything at the tips of your fingers, it’s much easier. From a comfy bed, warm soft blankets, candles in your favorite scent, a great book. Let me recommend for you….

Fuzzy comfy slippers

I have to say, to these are such amazingly comfy slippers, you’ll never want to take them off. You can also throw them in a washer and dryer to get them clean, soft and comfy again if they start feeling worn.

Fuzzy comfy socks

Now that I again live in the PNW, these will definitely come in handy again for warmth and comfort. Previously, in Arizona, I would use these very comfy socks for part of my self care pedicure. I’d slather on lotion, put the socks on overnight to leave the lotion soak into my very dry feet. The next day, they’d be moisturized and much better than the previous day. Then, I’d continue with my pedicure routine.

Fuzzy comfy hooded robe

This hooded robe is very comfortable. It’s nice and warm too. You’ll definitely fall in love with this beauty wrapped around you.

Comfy pajamas

I love this set. Soft, feminine, and comfy. When I’m having a self care day or weekend (I usually do weekends so I’m not rushed) I love lounging in my comfy and sleep outfits. Just gives me more happiness knowing I am not going anywhere, and it’s MY weekend.

Bath salts/bombs and shower melts

While I make my own of each of these items (another post, soon), you can use these in a very relaxing bath for yourself. These are lavender, but you can get them scented any way you’d prefer.

Epsom salts

Epsom salt helps relax muscles and relieve pain in the shoulders, neck, back and skull. For example, by relaxing the muscles surrounding the skull, the magnesium in Epsom salt may help release a headache or migraine. Some researchers also think that magnesium is good for reducing inflammation in internal organs.

Bubble bath in your favorite scent

I have bubble bath in coconut and honey. Amazing for my skin, and super soothing. Nothing beats a nice, hot bubble bath to soak away your issues.

Face steamer

I use this awesome face steamer before applying my face mask. It definitely helps keep my fave clearer and blemishes from popping up nearly as much.

Face mask & applicator

I use this face mask as it helps with acne and it exfoliates the skin well. You have numerous ways to apply it to your face, you can even use your fingers if you so choose. I prefer the brushes, as I feel it gives me more control.

Face roller

I’ll be honest, really not sure how much this does do. I just know it’s soothing and nice. I do believe that it makes the puffiness in your face be milder after it is used.

Body scrub/body butter

This body scrub gets everything so clean and exfoliated. The body butter definitely pits all the moisture needed back in your skin. And it smells like 🥥 and coffee. Need I say more?

Candles or oils in your favorite scent

Being a kid, I’d go to the beach and I remember smelling the Hawaiian Tropics suntan oil on all the beautiful people that were there. Smelled like coconut. And coffee every morning when my papa was up. They because comfort smells. To this day I surround myself in soft, fluffy and good smelling things like this. I never bought into the essential oil gas, but you can get them in basically any scent. Just be careful with the pets.

Wireless headphones

I could have spent a small fortune on wireless headphones like Bose or Beats, but these work just fine for me. They’re wireless and charge just like a cell phone. They sound really good as well.

An amazing comfy, soft blanket

The warm, soft blanket you can melt into with a good book or journal is everything. A little comfort goes a long way with this.

A killer playlist

There are many places to go make a playlist. Choose whichever you prefer: Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music (that’s what I use). You can even use YouTube.

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