Further adventures of the VanWinkle boys.

if you knew them from birth on, you’d know how absolutely insane this picture is. Joshua, 23 years old, has broken Bodhi’s, 21 years old, nose at least 6 times.

Yes, they’re both “Black Belts” in martial arts. They both can fight like crazy. They both have a hair pin trigger temper. They both can shoot a fly out of the sky.

They’re both huge mamas boys. They’re both amazing and (depending on the person) would give you the clothes off their back and the food they have, you to get full. They will fight for what they believe in, and will run into danger, rather than the other way.

Joshua (Instagram @j_vanwinkle_) is a total outdoors person. Hiking, fishing, camping. But not hunting, unless it’s for necessary food. He doesn’t believe killing should be a sport. He and his pup along with his fiance love going and getting lost in the woods doing all the outdoors stuff they can do.

Bodhi (Instagram @bodhivw) loves to be shooting one of his many guns, working out at the gym, hanging out with his friends, or playing his video games.

They both stream their gaming on various platforms. They’re constantly busy with one project or another. They’re always trying something new. But that is their way. Neither know what it means to give up.

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