Life is not easy at times…

Im sitting here from my hotel room in Medford, Oregon. We’ve been back here 2.5 months, give or take. We’ve been looking for a home for quite a while before that. Nothing yet. But, we trudge along. Doing what we can do.

Hubs works, kids work. We all stay in a small crappy motel room for now, me constantly looking for a place to live. I don’t find it at all fun, or exciting, bit it’s what we have for now. Ya learn to go with the flow…kinda.

Something will break. I have faith in that. It’s the wait that is the hardest thing about this. And, due to the pandemic, we’re kinda just waiting it all out. I am not against movinf to a different area as well.

i have applied for numerous homes. And when I say numerous, it’s not a small number, nor am I exaggerating. Probably 200 to 300 at this point. But, because there is such a huge amount of people here that are looking for homes, etc., it makes it even harder.

I have even looked for homes to purchase. But, housing here is extremely overpriced and I can see no need to pay $750,000 for a mobile home on 1/2 acre. I don’t care if it’s across the street from the river or not.

So, here we are. Medford, Oregon. Wiyh no plans for a move into our own place. No way to know what comes next. No idea how to get everything situated.

Life is not easy at times, but it’s always an adventure. Just gotta change the mindset a bit.

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