Covid this, covid that…

Ahhhh, the pandemic. Everything is Covid. Out of work, Covid. Food shortage, Covid. Homelessness, Covid. Price gouging, Covid. Inflation, Covid. Death, Covid. People not wanting to go back to work, Covid. Can we just call it as it is?

unemployment checks were off the hook. In Arizona alone, a $300 weekly stipend for just being out of work. Seriously. If we JUST got that, it’s $1200 a month, and that would pay most household bills, with the exception of rent and food. Ok, so you still have to pay for those.i get it, but there are NUMEROUS places to get free food and rental help. So, it should have been a no brainer, right? Except, when you call a number for help, no one answers. Why’s that? Lock downs, job cuts, office closures. So, what now?

Now, we have what we’re seeing everywhere. People who kept working, but at home are now quitting their jobs because they don’t want to get back to the daily grind. 9-5, stuffy office, annoying coworkers. Or, small businesses have just completely shut down. The once found American Dream, lost, folded up because they couldn’t stay afloat during the lockdowns and can’t get employees that are making a bonus on their unemployment checks.

Yeah, yeah. So, who do we blame and how do we get back to the thriving communities we once we’re pre-covid? Great question. Because our illustrious leaders have no answers, except everything that is continually hurting us, what are we to do?

There’s so much more I could bitch about. No point. What really matters is how we handle all the issues that stem from this. Anyone have thoughts?

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